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  • students gather for a poetry reading event

    Poetry for all

    Share a poem or attend an event to discover the poet in you along with the entire University of South Carolina community.

UniVERSE: UofSC Poetry Initiative

We are fostering a love for poetry throughout the University of South Carolina community. We invite everyone — students, faculty and staff members, and alumni — to write a poem, read a poem and join us for poetry events.


A message from Patricia Moore-Pastides

You used words as if colors on a palette
Dipping in and gently gliding them in strokes across an open field of white
Your plein airs were sharp as a shark attack
While your still lives bled one into another

I sought to know you, to listen, discover
To comprehend the intricacies of your filigrees
To imagine the shapes and shadows of your subjects
Listening for the self-portrait within

We read aloud with grace
Even when our genres seemed like speeding trains
Passing with force that shook the thousand -ton cars and popped our ears
Ending in a sudden black silence

Muted shades made a pointillist pastoral impression
While your primaries screamed hot enough
To singe the lashes of the beholder
All in one short session

So we met, some once, others more
Leaving our insecurities at the door
Breathing paint fumes, choking on mineral spirits
Bravely feeling inspiration as with a masterpiece in hand

At this moment my singular wish
Is to thank you for showing me more than I sought
Your oeuvres are the luminesence-
In this our UniVERSE


Many thanks,
Keep writing,
Submit your poems,
See you in the fall!

Patricia Moore-Pastides
May 12, 2022


Here's how you can get involved.

Become a Poetry Ambassador

Anyone interested may participate as a poetry ambassador. Here are just a few ways you can help:

  • Organize events on campus, both open events as well as events for your department, team or group
  • Read and select poems to be published in the UniVERSE initiative
  • Lead poetry readings or writing workshops
  • Assist with graphic design or social media

To become a poetry ambassador, email a note to

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