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College of Arts and Sciences

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    What will you do in the College of Arts and Sciences?


Welcome to a college with more choices and more possibilities.

From the state capital to the coast, the College of Arts and Sciences helps you prepare for your career and make an impact. As you step forward into a changing world, you'll thrive with a deep understanding of what makes it work and how you can make it better. 

Explore our Programs

There’s so much we can do together.

Our students make films and create new chemical compounds. They write literature and make history. They wade into rivers to study water quality and environmental change, and they get hands-on experience in health fields. They star on stage and show their work in museums. 

It's all possible in the College of Arts and Sciences. Our students go on to careers in law, medicine, entertainment, education, public service, sales, research and more. 

What You’ll Study 

student painting


Study and practice visual art, design, theatre, dance and other forms of creative expression. Our students learn to make something inspiring both on their own and with other artists. 

Student working with historical documents.


Explore how literature, language, history, philosophy and other subjects help us understand the human condition and work with global cultures. 

photo of a student in lab coat


Study the natural world and the human mind through programs like chemistry, biology, psychology, physics, marine science, neuroscience and more. Research opportunities range from the deep ocean to distant galaxies.

Student at state house with professor and students.

Social Sciences

Explore how humans interact and how culture has changed with time in programs like anthropology, political science, economics, geography and sociology.


What will you do in the College of Arts and Sciences? 

Join a research team for real-world experience, whether you’re digging up historical artifacts or analyzing data with advanced tech. 

Bring your artistic vision to life. Gain expertise in painting, sculpting, digital design, drawing, photography and more. 

Take the stage to dance with world-famous choreographers or act in innovative plays – or get experience behind the scenes. 

Go beyond the classroom for hands-on experience with the same kinds of equipment and techniques you will use in your career. 

Explore your interests and discover new ideas. You may find your passion in an area you never knew existed before. 

Work closely with professors who are developing solutions for societal challenges ranging from mental health to clean water access. 

Get hands-on experience with the technology that artists, scientists and scholars use in their work, and even explore how AI can change our approach to any field. 

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Interested in learning more about the College of Arts and Sciences? Please get in touch. 

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