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SCEMD Mitigation Update

SCEMD Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan 2023 Update
Lead Investigator: Dr. Susan Cutter

Project Overview

The South Carolina State Hazard Mitigation Plan (SHMP) approved by FEMA in 2018, must be updated every five years to reflect changes in the State’s risk profile, hazard history, and priorities. SCEMD has begun the process of updating this plan in addition to seeking Enhanced Plan status from FEMA. For this update SCEMD desires the data and information inputs to be geo-referenced to facilitate future updates and usability of the information for state and county mitigation planning. The scope of work below describes the data and analytical services, tasks, and deliverables funded under this grant. The scope of work follows the requirements outlined in the FEMA State Mitigation Planning Guidance for hazard identification and risk assessment. It also parallels and updates the information provided in the maps and tables in the hazard assessment portion of the SHMP. 

  1.   Hazard identification and exposure update
  2.   Hazard impact
  3.   Hazard vulnerability
  4.   Hazard risk scoring
  5.  Data integration

South Carolina Emergency Management Division/FEMA

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