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Institute for Mind and Brain

Logo reads: Institute for Mind and Brain featuring a two colored brain for left and right.

The Institute for Mind and Brain at the University of South Carolina works to understand the biological bases of the mind, brain, and cognition and intersections with health, aging, and neurodevelopment. Researchers study cognitive and neural processes across a wide range of topics, including social attention, multisensory perception, language and communication, and executive functions. In addition to strengths in broad brain science, pediatric and adult populations of focus include neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., autism, dyslexia), aging and aphasia, and rare genetic disorders (e.g., fragile X).

History: The institute was created in 2013 to help coordinate interdisciplinary research efforts in cognitive neuroscience across the University of South Carolina, identify and leverage opportunities for collaboration and external funding, present a cohesive face for research efforts in cognitive neuroscience; and generally serve as a hub for research and doctoral student training in human cognitive neuroscience at the University of South Carolina.

Mission: The mission of the Institute for Mind and Brain (IMB) is to establish the University of South Carolina as a leader in human cognitive neuroscience research.  One way the Institute works to accomplish this goal is by providing multiple opportunities for interchange of knowledge within the field that promote collaboration among Institute affiliates.  A second way is to provide access to cutting-edge facilities that promotes the collaborative research of affiliates and enhances competitiveness for external funding.

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